Comparison and analysis of Online/Offline Campaigns


CarnivalHope2011 VS Facebook page

CarnivalHope 2011 sells each ticket at $10 each.

If turnups are great, e.g. 1000 people, they would have gained $2000++ of donation.

On the other hand, the facebook page which does not even have 10 followers/likes is a total disappointment. Also, the page does not even have any information on the SACS.

This is a utter defeat for Online campaign used by SACS.

Charity Bike Wash Analysis

By showing pictures of the children suffering from spastic, people who visits the web will feel pity for them, hence they might visit the event to support them out of pity or motivation to help them achieve a better life.

Technically, this is an online campaign used to promote an offline campaign.

Games carnival for SACS analysis

This event is aimed more towards the public awareness of spastic children’ s existence.

Once again, it is an online campaign used to promtoe an offline campaign.

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Other local organizations’s website.





National Kidney Foundation

Basically, the website layout explanation is almost the same as the previous website that i have researched, the AFAS. However, the site looks pretty plain due to the white background and the boring design.

In terms of information given and interactivity thought, it is pretty good. It has a search function as well which is good for users to just get the information they need instead of browsing through unnecessary stuff.

However, a major flaw in the website is that the events being shown at the homepage are all outdated. With dates even dated back to 2007, it just shows they did not put in the effort to maintain the website.










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Other local organization’s websites

Action for Aids Singapore

This is the website for a local organization in Singapore known as Action For Aids Singapore(AFAS)

With a centre-based look, the website seeks attention by being the focus of the viewer directly.

The website has its newsletter section on the homepage. Which is great because it will give direct information for people that wants to know the latest happening in FAS.

Just beside the newsletter will be the media section. It gives additional information through pictures and videos for viewers.

On the top right corner of the site, there is even a search function for users.

In fact, the website can even be viewed in Chinese.

The website itself also has expressed the clear purpose of the AFAS, which is to promote the seriousness of AIDS to the public and that they want to help the victims of that. This was done by putting contact hotline just beside the newsletter.

With a web 2.0 layout, the site is very up to date in terms of its design and interactivity.

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Workload Breakdown


Generate new ideas for the website

Explore on what the existing website contains

Explore on what needs to be improved for the website

Tai Heng

Research on websites of other local organizations

Comparison and study case of both online and offline campaign research

Jing Hong

Research on online and offline campaign

Events organized for disabled children

Organization of powerpoint slides

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ACM Reflection

1) Identify 2 of your favourite ACM exhibits of which the content is presented in the most creative way to enhance users interaction and overall experience.

1. One of my favourite ACM exhibits would be the China section. This is partly due to myself being Chinese and was curious to learn more about my own culture. However, what amazed me was that once i entered the exhibit room, i immediately had the “Chinese” feel. For user interactivity, there probably wasn’t much, but the ancient statues that stood tall in the room were a sight to see. Also, ancient Chinese sayings and written text on scrolls were placed in a favourable position such that visitors will notice it right away after aweing at the statues. The majority of the information are then placed in a book that is near the exhibit. The book itself is not that thick nor wordy.

2. Another one would be the Singapore River Gallery. This exhibit room has several models of the boats used in the past at the old Singapore River. Also many old jobs that people used to do in the older days are also introduced there. One of the main reason that i like about this exhibit is that it uses voice recordings of the people who have worked at the old Singapore River to talk about their experience. There are mostly 2 versions, 1 being the original language like the dialects and another being English. The way that the voice recordings are being played in the original language adds authenticity to the information that is given out. At the same time, it intrigues visitors into the language that they may or may not heard before.

2) Briefly describe at least 2 New Media Tools/Technologies the museum had used for public communication & education at the various exhibits?

1. One of the main technology that the museum had used will be the interactive touch screen interface. The way this media tool works is that users are able to navigate questions that are allowed to be asked, followed by an answer that will be given. The special thing about is that all questions and answers are done by a person that is programmed into the device. A simple way to break it down will be that it is almost as if users are having a conversation with the person in the device. Furthermore, all of these are hands-on, being touch-screen and user-friendly.

2. Another small part of the technology used in the museum would be an interactive button. At a particular exhibit room of the museum, there is an exhibit that showcases the different jewelries being worn by the ancient people of that civilization. When the user presses the button, an image of the ancient people is being shown and the jewelries will be placed neatly on the image at their respective places.

3) To make 1-2 recommendations (using new media tools) to improve the way the current content is being presented to the public. (can include ACM’s website too)

1. I would like to recommend the museum to adopt the method of having a virtual tour of the museum itself on their web page. This is because majority of people in the world feels that museum is a boring place to begin with. However, if users get to experience a virtual tour, they will hold greater expectations upon visiting the museum itself. An added point would be that almost everyone uses the internet nowadays.

2. Another recommendation i would like to make would be adding 3D content into the museum. This is because 3D content is getting bigger and bigger and seeing things in a different format other than 2D will be fresh. Furthermore, this method will definitely attract more of the younger crowd to visit museums. With the implementation of 3D content, i believe information will be presented in a more interesting and vibrant way instead of just words and pictures.

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How the internet is changing the English language and the ways we speak

1.     Article:


Over the years through new evolution of media, the way that people speak and write English has begun to change drastically.

It first begun when during the 15th century, the use of printing presses was introduced and that brought about new standardized grammar, spelling and punctuation styles. Also during the early 20th century, Radio and TV broadcasting brought in new styles as well.

However, it is the internet that had a massive change both in the way we speak and write English.

For me, I use the internet almost everyday and also use some internet slang and thus, this article interest me. Therefore I am doing a literature review on it.

Key findings:

1.      Diversity

Today, the internet technology has allowed us to communicate in English in different type of forms like e-mail, chat rooms, msn, blogging, online games, blogging, facebook, etc..

However, we do not communicate the same way when we are blogging as when we are texting. This is because of the different style of English used in the different technologies. In reality, we do not talk in precise and accurate English as when we are blogging, but when we are texting, it is actually closer to the actual conversation that would have taken place. Thus I feel that it is the form of formal and informal style of writing that triggers the different styles of English used in the different technologies.

2.      Internet slang

Because of the different technologies, the internet has created some new vocabulary. I am sure that everyone knows what is “lol”(laugh out loud). These words did not exist in the past, however, because of internet technology and the way people communicate, it was created. In the past, people used the 20th century English slang like “funky”, “groovy” to be cool. Nowadays, these short internet slang like “lol”, “brb” were created to for convenience so that they could type faster. Also, there some internet slangs that people created, however, due to not many people understanding it or not using it, it did not became popular. To me, I feel that internet slang might be good at times and bad at times because of the knowledge of the English language. Using “lol” in your essay is definitely not going to get you extra marks but instead being penalized. However it is definitely quite useful in making online chats less awkward and more interesting.

3.      Punctuations 🙂 [= =D

Like the internet slang, punctuations in the English language has evolved as well, but the grammar patterns and verb endings are mainly the same. Instead punctuations like comma, full stop, brackets has been used for another purpose. 🙂 This is formed from a colon and a bracket, but it means a happy face in the internet community. Because of the new uses of punctuations, online chats or texting has become much more interesting and vibrant. Also people are able to express themselves more freely using these punctuations made emotions.


In internet slang, internet trends tend to pick up fast. To frequent netizens, “rick roll” is a common term in which a punk is supposed to happen. The main point of rick roll is that it tries to make people go to a site where they think it is going be one thing, but it is a video of Rick Astley.

There are many types of internet slang as well like “Wordplay”, “Txt spk” which are basically using pictures and a mixture of often vowel-free abbreviations and acronyms.


Because of the internet, new words were created and new ways of expressing oneself were invented as well. To the society, this impact might be both positive and negative as there are many different pros and cons.

Strengths of internet slang:

1.      Able to express oneself freely.

2.      Convenience of typing shorter sentences.

3.      Allows better interaction with another frequent netizen.

Weakness of internet slang:

1.      The language of English is not same anymore.

2.      Standard of English is lowered because of frequent use of internet slang.

3.      Unable to communicate well with a person that does not use the internet.

In order to reinforce the English language, I feel that people should make an effort to study English itself better and not rely too much on the internet slang so that their knowledge of the English language does not suffer despite using internet slang often.

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New media terms


Online News
Social Networking
Cable TV
Tag Cloud
User Generated content
Open Source

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